April 10, 2016

Last weekend, April 9 and April 10 were very busy at Urban Community Outreach!

Government funded night time Winter Shelter had closed and of course the whole week had rain in the forecast! I watched the reports as they kept changing with every gust of wind. Seemed like rain was inevitable for Saturday night so we busied ourselves making arrangements with FCC and pulling in staff and had supplies to open at 6pm here. Open we did even though a wedding was just ending upstairs on Saturday and a fair was to be set up in that very room early Sunday morning.

Everyone worked to best of their ability and it did take place. Guests came in out of the elements and enjoyed pizza and snacks in the evening and a very early lite breakfast. All were out and things cleaned up by 7am! Thank you Yvonne and FCC for working with staff to make this available for those who would have been outside unprotected otherwise.

Sunday we had many volunteers come out to help from Eneti Tagaloa’s Sunday School Class at 2nd Samoan Church, Israel Rodriques’ group from Molina, the NCIS group from CSULB, and a group of Boy Scouts. It was great to have so many caring people come to help!

They prepared and served a delicious hearty chicken soup, and also various salads and desserts. They made Happy Spring place mats and whiteboard sign. We even were able to put bows on the take home little chocolate/liquor gifts to be given out at our Jazzy Lady event on April 23, 2016.

I announced that there is a company who will be interviewing truck drivers and warehouse people so we had a rush of requests for help with resumes. I realize that we need a good printer scanner for our office. The one huge printer in there is useless! Malfunctions all the time. Our little printer doesn’t have a scanner and neither make one copies now so we are really are having a hard time functioning with all the requests for help.

I also interviewed several people. Some needed transportation help to get to partner agencies I send them. One gentleman needed assistance with a motel night till his money came in.

I’m still accepting gift certificates and silent auction items for Jazzy Lady for a couple more days before the printing of the program. I took a picture of church member, Richard Castle, as he donated $1,000 worth of amazing brand new Le Creuset brightly enameled cast iron and stoneware for the expression and pursuit of pleasurable cooking and dining. They are very impressive! Even if you only place them on an open shelf for their visual display!

Thank you everyone for the many ways you help make Urban Community Outreach possible!