Easter Sunday

March 27, 2016 – Easter Sunday at the Drop-In-Center was good. There was a big Happy Easter sign, the Easter centerpieces and colored eggs provided by First Congregational Church looked special, and cheery handmade Easter place mats graced the tables.

Laura Greer, her son, and his middle school friends made 22 cute Easter baskets and brought them over. They thoughtfully tied the girls with pink ribbon and the boys with blue so we could tell them apart. The children were happy!

Some CSULB students came and were very helpful even though they are on spring break.

We had a big crowd. Many came in all dressed up for Easter, particularly the children and seniors. A lot of new people came. Probably because of Easter. We didn’t get any hams donated this year. They are expensive right now so we had a nice chicken meal. They loved it! We actually ran out of food! We haven’t done that for a long time.

Course people still had challenges and needed help. Ann Lampe helped interview again.  I ran an apartment list for one small family to see that there were 2 reasonably priced studio apartments available this week.

There is going to be an LA Homeless Court this Thursday and their office sent over flyers and train tokens so people could take advantage of it.

We had a lot of transportation issues this week. One single mom who was laid off needed to get her driver’s license renewed and couldn’t afford it. We helped her with that and are working on a resume for her too so she can get back to work.

Another lady needed gas to go to an interview. A disabled man needed a month bus pass to get to his two doctors and get around as someone stole his wheel chair and he was having a very difficult time. I found a nice cane for him but I know it was a little too short. It wasn’t adjustable. He still thanked me and gave me a big hug for doing what we could.

All in all it was a nice Easter with hope for renewal and a brighter future.