February 28, 2016

Sunday, February 28 was a success!

Course that was due to good staff and volunteers and to the fact that we have a very mobile medical staff. Out front of First Congregational Church the 40 foot “Wellness Station” with visiting phlebotomists and nurses very ably did HIV/AIDS testing.

Inside FCC Dr. Sophia, and the CSUDH HOPE organization assisted her seeing and treating patients as well as handing out new socks and some clothing and hygiene items.

Then we had a call from a young gentleman we have just housed. You know one of our “family.” He had a cold and the apartment heat had gone off Saturday night. Couldn’t be fixed till Monday or Tuesday. The days have been warm, but the nights are chilly and he only had one thin blanket for his bed. He felt chilled. He wished he had some cough syrup, ibuprofen for his aches, and another warm blanket to snuggle in. Thanks to my willing husband, just like magic, he received a house call with the wished for things! I’m so proud of our whole crew!

Our guests were delighted with the good chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, Roasted vegetables, kale salad, fruit salad, and dessert. Some liked it so well they tried to get in line over and over again for more helpings!

I interviewed a pregnant young lady Sunday as well as several others. She sticks out in my mind as she has come to UCO since she was little girl. She is bright and pretty, but lacks resources and knowledge of how to build a life for herself. I hope to get her into a program so she can give birth to a healthy baby and learn some things while there that will help her with making a good future.

We had some new volunteers on Sunday. One of them being a party planner! Yeah! She had some great ideas for our April 23 “Jazzy Lady” event. We are having fun planning an evening of jazz, and good food in a 1920’s setting. Help us step back in time if you can. If you can loan any decorations from that era let me know.

Today is the Leap Year’s February 29!  Did you feel like you had an extra day, or a short month? Kind of like if the glass is half full, or half empty. I vote for half full!

Grace and joy!