February 21, 2016

Sunday, February 21st at the Drop-In-Center was a good day. We hooked up with the young man we have acquired an apartment for. He had lost his phone and we were so worried that all the work we had done since September to lead up to an apartment opening for him would be down the drain, because I couldn’t get in touch with him. So you can imagine my joy when he walked through the door and we were able to take advantage of the apartment for him.

We had a visit from one of our mother’s and she brought her little son along. They have both been terribly ill this winter. They both have asthma and the bad virus going around makes them so sick. They can’t seem to shake it. Mom has been in the hospital twice and her five year old son was just released from the hospital too. Because of the hospital stays she didn’t get paid so we helped her with her utility bill. To top it off someone broke into her car and stole her birth certificate and driver’s license. So I filled out the form for birth certificate, and gave her some money to go to get a new driver’s license, some canned goods, a crock pot, some curtains for her apartment, a hot meal, and some toys to lift the spirits of her dear little boy.

People are still asking for jackets for the chilly nights. The jackets that Jenny collected from you friends at FCC have really been a blessing! Thank you Alison for getting this collection rolling and thank you to all who gave us warm jackets!

Our new website is up! Board Member Dr. Richard Graves and his staff person, Bethany Firmage, are adding things and updating and making it better and better! Check it out. We are so happy to have this important window to the world working!

Save the date of Saturday, April 23, for our fantastic spring fundraiser event honoring Long Beach Vice Mayor, Dr. Suja Lowenthal! I promise it will be the best one yet! Prizes and Silent Auction items are needed so if you have gift certificates or items you aren’t using and you want to re-gift them send them our way. There’ll be someone who thinks they are just what they’ve been looking for!

Be your best self this week and I’ll do the same! We could start something!