February 7, 2016

Sunday, February 7th was a peaceful Sunday, all in all. First Sunday of the month so we had a little lighter number of people coming to us. It was the last day Dominique, Volunteer Coordinator, Chair, will be with us as she is moving out of state. So it was bitter sweet. She has been an excellent Volunteer Coordinator for 3 years and we will miss her, but we are grateful for the work she has done and we wish her well.

During the week we had been gifted a windfall of 1,000 socks from Justin Rudd. We sorted the socks in categories of men, women and children and held about half to be given out another day. They are always so happy when we have new socks for them.

One of the families I’m working with came in with smiles and progress to report. Dad had started his new job on the Queen Mary, their income tax refund arrived, I had found childcare for them and things were starting to look up. Now they wanted to talk about an apartment. Someone had recommended an apartment in Lynnwood to them and someone else told them about a mobile home for sale. I told them to hold off a little and consider apartments in Long Beach if we could find one because it would save them gas and driving time. I set about researching apartments in Long Beach and told dad to go in the computer lab and do some research too.

Harvey, one of our cleaning crew, has returned from his month long visit to his home state of Louisiana. He is looking for a new place to stay too so my research would help more than one. I compiled a list of apartments for Harvey and gave it to him and then went in search of the family. I actually found a cute small 3 bedroom house in Lakewood listed for $1,000 a month. Almost too good to be true! I’m cautiously talking with the person wanting to rent it and trying to figure out if it is on the up and up. Person says they’ve been transferred and just want someone who would take good care of it.

So glad to get news that the City Council approved 2 items to help alleviate the housing crunch in Long Beach. One is to preserve 148 units of affordable housing for low income families. The second one was they passed a resolution to approve issuance of multi-family housing revenue bond permitting the acquisition of St. Mary Tower Apartments to extend the affordability of the property for the next 55 years. This is really good news that they are preserving and protecting existing affordable housing in Long Beach!

Good things happening! Just got word of a room for a family for $500 a month till we can get her full time work. The part-time job just doesn’t cut it.

Onward and upwards! It’s spring in southern California. Did you notice the trees starting to bud?

Till next week… keep the faith!