January 24, 2016

A new day dawned Sunday, January 24. A day where you could be glad to be a Californian instead of living on the east coast shoveling mountains of snow! Colleges and universities were just gearing up for a new semester. A few students trickled in to help and left with promises to come back and bring friends.

A wonderful enthusiastic new volunteer found us on meetup.com and shared her energy and talents with us making our load lighter. She seems like she will be a real asset and is offering to do more. We took her picture with Roberta in the kitchen. She pitched in with many things and talked of working on committees. She is helping look for two refrigerators too. We have people with a need for refrigerators. If you hear of any refrigerators we need them!

The reason we need refrigerators, and also furniture, is that one of our client guests who we had moved into an apartment earlier had her refrigerator conk out. We also have a lady with three children moving into an apartment today, and if I can find a young man I’ve been working with since September, we have an apartment for him! He lost his phone Friday and so I have no means of contacting him. I hope he thinks to call me! I don’t want him to lose the apartment and lose his place in line. He is sick and needs to be indoors and in a stable situation. I think I’ll call his doctor’s office and let them know in case he calls or comes in there.

I’m working with another one of our families and their unreasonable apartment owner today. I hope that goes well too. Oh, these apartments are so very important in the lives of our people! As one of our pretty little girls we helped about eight months ago said with delight, “We have a home!” She couldn’t wait to tell everyone!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get some investors together and purchase some buildings! We wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of other people so much. It could be a win-win situation, with interest so low the investors would make money and we would make “homes!”

Have a great week and call me on my cell 562-714-1155 if you know of a refrigerator, furniture, or can help volunteer some of your time.