January 10, 2016

Since the horrible El Nino storms have begun to arrive there is a great sense of urgency to get the families into housing. They can’t go to Temporary Shelter as that is just for individuals- men and women. Weeks and weeks of housing them in motels waiting for things to happen is just prohibitively expensive!

We also have those with mental issues who feel they can’t go into the congregate type of Temporary Shelter. Both the families and the mentally ill are so sincerely just crying for a roof over their heads.

I so wish I could have enough apartments for everyone!!! It’s a painful situation to not have enough resources for them.

People are trying to give all they can give us and do what they can do to try to help those out in the cold. Denso has been generous again. They brought us 100 bags full of hygiene items. They quickly were offered to the Sunday guests and were scooped up.

Love in the Mirror came by with clothing again. The word is out that we need jackets and blankets. Each week they trickle in and are given out. Everyone please keep those coming!

Volunteer Coordinator, Domina came early and stayed late as she knew we were short of staff. The final number of unduplicated volunteers who volunteered in 2015 is in and that number is 1,711 volunteers! 2014 saw a jump in the number and this year it is even higher! However, when the students are on break and are gone we still get short on volunteers!

Good news is that paperwork is progressing on an apartment for one of our families. Section 8 has approved the apartment and will come to inspect soon. I will sign the paperwork today for First Five for her too so she gets the deposit for it.

If anyone knows of any apartments available please let me know. I have just been made aware that we have first choice on an apartment renting for $1,300. This can house a family with up to 3 children or be shared by two unrelated people as it has 2 bedrooms. Course they have to have enough income to afford the rent.

We are working on furniture and household item sorting to make the best use of our storage space. Could use a couple guys to help this Friday, January 15, at 10am. If you can move couches around, or have a truck available let me know.

Best wishes for you and your family to weather the storms safely!