November 1, 2015

November started off with a bang! We were very blessed with nurses, volunteers, clothing, and food on Sunday, November 1.

Nurse Anne came and brought several nurses with her. They gave flu shots, and caringly administered many other services.

Liz brought 3 shifts of Honors Program Students from CSULB and Ben brought students from Zeta Beta Tau. Even our neighbor restaurant owner from Café Piccolo, Moe, very graciously came and helped all day. He said he was impressed with the quality of our food, especially the delicious fresh salad. What a compliment!

Two little girls came with their mom for the first time to help out and were just ecstatic with their tasks that made a difference!

Clothing and food poured in! We received 13 bags of clothing from Christ Chapel members. Tina gave huge bags of men’s clothing and her friend, Bonnie, donated like new woman’s shoes. I also found 2 cases of new women’s shoes by our storage door and assumed someone from FCC donated them. We had some blankets to give out too. Our client guests were so very happy to receive this bounty!

240 bagged lunches magically appeared for our guests to take home at end of day!

Several client guests couldn’t contain their joy at how the day went. Many came over and thanked us profusely and gave hugs of gratitude.

I’m passing on hugs of gratitude to all you members of FCC who help make this all possible. Elena’s enthusiastic help and partnering, Ruth who checks mail for homeless guests, Yvonne who spends time trying to get people out to repair our old equipment, the custodians who always go that extra mile to make things go smoothly, FCC boards, committees, and individuals who give of their time, talent, and resources and serve on UCO’s Board, volunteer, and attend our events. THANK YOU!