September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 20, was one of those great Sundays when we have our friends from Vedanta here to help us prepare food. They were here early and enthusiastically jumped right in chopping and cooking delicious Indian food. They made Lentil Soup, Chicken Curry, rice, and two kinds of salads. We also had gooey cupcakes with lots of icing donated for dessert. One of their men is employed with Baxter International so their Foundation pitched in with a check to match the value of his time donated. That helped with the cost of the food.

Dr. Sophia and the Hope students from Cal State Dominquez Hills, came and offered their services.

A church group came before we opened and provided food to the people in Lincoln Park and we worried maybe they wouldn’t be hungry and come to us for food, services, and resources. We needn’t have worried. 300 people came! We had a very full Patterson Hall!

A seasoned Outreach Worker, Aaron, from Mental Health America came to help me greet and interview people so we can help them with their challenges. He did a really good job.

At the end of the day a mother came to me for help with her rent. She is used to working and taking care of herself and her son so she was embarrassed to ask for help. The company she has been working for has had all their funds frozen and so the employees have not been paid, but her rent was due, or they would lock them out of their apartment. We gave her enough to tide her over and the apartment owners said they’d accept partial payment for now. So we provided the” Band-Aid” while she searches for other work. I’ll help with her resume and keep my ears open for job openings.

We gave out balls to the little boys and colorful new sun glasses to other guests as a result of a gift from our friends at Sole, walking every street in Long Beach on the soles of their feet to lift the “soul” of those living here.

We also gave some of the beautiful toys from FCC Jr. High to children Sunday. Their eyes just shone with joy! One 10 year old boy wanted to learn about whales. We just happened to have a book about whales! His little cousin received a stroller and we tucked in a small panda bear to ride in it. You should have seen one little girl with a big soft pink teddy bear! So cute and smiling from ear to ear!

So many need help! If you hear of any job openings, affordable apartments or rooms, have any resources, such as small hotel hygiene items, clothing, etc., or if you can help volunteer, please get in touch with me at (562) 714-1155 cell.

I’m here for YOU too! It’s a partnership. Let me know if you think maybe we could be of help to you or you can partner with us in more ways.