September 13, 2015

Though it was difficult to run up and down with food and things Sunday with DIC downstairs in Ramsey Hall and the elevator broken, we were tired, but so happy Sunday! There have been two mothers e-mailing me and saying they were looking for their sons. They didn’t want to post pictures and embarrass them. So I checked our intake and their names were not on it, but I told them to come on Sunday and see if they would see them. One mother did, and her son came! She was a lovely woman, and seemed to be very gentle and loving. She was afraid he might not want to talk with her for some reason. So she pointed him out and I went around talking with people at his table and eventually got to him. We talked and I found that he was mad at himself for losing everything and embarrassed at his condition. He is a handsome young man who had been doing very well, then in the recession he says he made some bad decisions and lost everything. He didn’t want his family to know. We talked about how that happened to a lot of people, not just him, and that it was a learning experience so he’ll know not to make those decisions again, etc. Pretty soon he and his mother were talking and at the end of the day he took my card and they left together. I was so happy and encouraged! Surely hope we can help him. He is intelligent, and I’m sure he has talents. He just needs to get over his disappointment in himself, feel loved, and try to move forward.

I have so many people who could be going into apartments if landlords would just accept Interval House’s 3rd party checks, section 8, or VASH. The City is holding meetings with landlords to try to get this to happen.

I have some disabled people and seniors who are getting so discouraged in the apartment hunt too. I have an application for my HIV/AIDS young man for an apartment through Alliance for Housing and Healing. Hope that works!

Yesterday I bought bus passes for a couple to go back to Muskogee, OK. They have family there. Too hard for them here.

We also were able to provide all new household items for a family who was finally moved into an apartment through my friend, Rob, owner of “College Movrs”. They do full service moving, storage, and shipping. They give 10% discount to seniors and military. So if you need those kind of services check them out.

Anyways. Guess we just have to remember to celebrate every success and do the best we can for those who we haven’t been able to help yet.

Thanks for letting me vent. Have a good day!