September 6, 2015

Sunday, September 6, was Labor Day weekend and most of the motels were full, but people were in need of motel vouchers and help. So we spent time calling around to motels. I finally found one room in each of two motels and we placed to families there till we can get more permanent things going for them. We had to help another lady with rent too. She says she had orientation for a job this week and plans to pay us back when she gets on her feet.

The one family I helped with motel vouchers had come to Long Beach because their daughter, who had just graduated from CSULB, went into a 6 day diabetes induced coma. She has come out of the coma and the doctors want her to stay in Long Beach because they have a good neuropathy specialist who can help her with the neouropathy. So the parents want to stay here near her and the dad is looking for work. The mother is disabled and can’t work.

The advisor for the Jr. Class Service Project, Terry, brought the shelves they had ordered for holding the educational toys they donated. She also brought a check for the remainder of the money they made on their bake sale. Course the shelves needed put together and we garnered some help from volunteers for that project. We managed to get it together and filled with great toys! Now we will have toys to educate and inspire the kids who come to us with their family.

Mental Health America sent over another outreach worker, Shondell. She was very helpful at interviewing people.

Nurse Anne and her helper saw a lot of patients and gave them resources too.

So though it was Labor Day weekend we accomplished a good bit.

Hope your Labor Day weekend was restful and allowed you to do some things other than your usual labor.