February 15, 2015


Word is spreading among the poor and homeless about our Urban Community Outreach Services. Sunday seemed to be a day of woman’s interactions. Immediately when we opened on Sunday, February 15, 2015 a lady approached me to ask for help. She had been referred to me by a motel manager at a motel where we house families. I could see the pleading in her eyes. She had 4 kids who would be sleeping in the street tomorrow night if we couldn’t help her till her appointment with the Multi-Service Center on Tuesday. I drove her to the motel, saw the children, and paid for two nights at the motel for them. The older children went to church with grandparents and she and I came back with the youngest so they could have some food and receive some clothing.

But before I could get out the door with the first woman, another woman and her family who had faithfully been in every Sunday for months came to me. She has her apartment now, but she so wants to find child care so she can get work and save some money. She patiently says she’ll wait to talk with me till after I try to help the first lady. It would be easier to make this happen if she only had a toddler, but she has a young baby under a year old and her husband left her. We later had sheets and towels to give out and I was able to get some of those to her, I need to try to help her too.

I was just wishing I had more outreach workers to help me with case management and I could instantly change people’s lives who wanted change so badly, when a third woman approached me. She has mental illness challenges and her boys had been taken from her earlier. She was clean and dressed beautifully. She is the one I told you about who so fervently pleaded for me to help her get her boys back for the holidays. I had listened for a long time that Sunday and that week had contacted Mental Health America and Multi-Service Center in her behalf. Then I didn’t see her till Sunday, February 15. She was all smiles! She said it really helped her and the court has finally ruled that she can get the boys back! She said that the fact that I listened, left her tell her story, and tried to help, made all the difference. Praise God! If we can bring about that much change for just one person it’s all worth it! So I felt better about what we can do.

Later when we were handing out clothes a tall educated lady who had fallen on hard times told me that the changes I had made to her resume really helped her and she had interviews to go to. She had the education and skills, but having someone proof read, even a good resume, and offer suggestions can make a difference. She found a good looking classic dress o wear.

So I felt better as the day went on. I was tired, but could see the work we do is making a difference!

We have a small Board, and two of those Board Members have recently timed out, so we are needing a few good, strong new Board Members to be arms out in the community for our cause. Who among you is interested in talking with me about this possibility?