February 8, 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day! Since February is the month to express our love we are doing some special things at the Urban Community Outreach’s Drop-In-Center.

Last Sunday and this coming Sunday, February 15, we are giving out beautiful new red “Blankets of Love.” It’s spring here in southern California, but the nights are still chilly for people who are outside. Our guests just love the blankets! See pictures below. They put them right into use.

We also have a new cookie enterprise we are starting. We’ve made some samples of our Salted Caramel Turtle Cookies that we’ll be selling at the Friday Farmer’s Market initially and then who knows? Maybe the world? Everyone really likes them! So at my house I’m making up a batch for Valentine’s Day and putting them into pretty gold packaging with a red bow. If you’d like to purchase some to support the DIC call me at (562) 714-1155. Since we won’t be at Farmer’s Market yet this week we’d have to have you pick them up at FCC or my house in Seal Beach. (Whichever is closer to you).

We had a visit Sunday from several AmeriCorps Members. They did a great job volunteering and giving community service.

I arranged for one of our families to have an appointment with the Multi-Service Center Family Services team to try to get some housing. I really hope we can get them into permanent housing.

One of our volunteers witnessed the murder of a homeless man by two other homeless men in Los Angeles over the weekend. What a tragic thing. This is supposed to be a month to show love and kindness. Too bad unchecked anger can sometimes spoil good feelings and do such damage!

This coming Sunday we will have HIV- AIDS testing available from the National Council of Negro Women. They will pay up to 50 people $10 to be tested. This is a new partnership for us and we are looking to welcome these phlebotomists to FCC.

Have a loving Valentines’ Day!