February 1, 2015


Sundays come and go and each one is different. We had some wonderful donations of men’s suits and warm jackets. Nurse Anne came and had very long lines of people asking for her help. She had vitamins and supplies donated by Paul she could give them. This helped.

People are beginning to sign up for our 6 weeks class to become Health Food Safety Certified. This will help them get jobs. We should begin this class in just a few weeks when Roberta completes her course to be certified to teach it.

We give out generous portions of”hope”. Hope gives you the strength to try again and believe in a good outcome. That’s all it takes in some cases to get started. One lady in a wheel chair will be getting insurance within the next couple of months. She has been volunteering with us each week. It has given her some positive dreams of when she has insurance she will get her leg fixed and be able to walk for longer periods of time and do all kinds of things. She beams with a bright smile as she looks to the future. A future that was dim before. Now there are warm friendships and possibilities.

Sometimes people grab our offer of friendship and help and it strengthens them. But there are times when they fall short of our hopes for them. One young man I pulled strings for and got an interview “didn’t make it to the interview.” There are sometimes reasons, fears, and excuses that hold them back and keep them in poverty.

Please pray for”hope” to win the battle against poverty.