Paper Hearts and Carnations

Sunday, February 19, was a third Sunday of the month and as we expected we had quite a crowd of people come to us. It had been raining for several days and everyone came in a little gloomy. They began cheering up a little as they saw how beautiful Patterson Hall was decorated with hearts for Valentine’s month. Lovely paper hearts were sprayed all over the walls and a pitcher of red carnations were on the beverage table. Paterson Hall was warm and cozy and the aroma of good food filled the air. With school back in session more volunteers are starting to come to volunteer.

Our free store with tables of clothing, blankets, shoes, and hygiene items lined the edges of the patio.

The three outreach workers were very busy all day talking with people. The computer lab was very busy too. We kept cooking more food in order to have enough. There were not enough chairs for people to sit down and eat. The chair situation keeps getting worse each week!

We gave a family some money for laundry and diapers and another gentleman help for his family as his construction jobs have been non-existent because of the rain.

The director from AIM Living Spaces came to talk with me and see if together we could do more for our clients and get them into apartments. They are based out of Torrance. I told her I’d do what I could, but the situation is bleak with not enough resources or apartments available. We are getting more and more referrals asking us to try to help them.

Tonight, Tuesday night, February 21 is a Study Session at Long Beach City Council Chambers to discuss Affordable Housing in Long Beach. I hope it is effective and we can figure out what we can do to change this homeless situation and do something as quickly as possible.

Have a good week!