News from Urban Community Outreach

By Cherry Bush, Operations Manager

Greetings from the Drop-in Center!

Thank you for the wonderful donations that helped us feed our 395 homeless friends and families struggling to make ends meet.

This was a great week for receiving warm blankets, socks, hoodies, and jackets from our friends at Muslims for Humanity ICNARelief and our friends Kevin and Katrina. Kevin and Katrina bring large bags of hygiene kits every other month and never let the pandemic stop them.

We also received a generous donation of turkeys from Food Finders. We will be preparing a turkey meal for our homeless friends Sunday the 28th. We hope you are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be safe, have fun and remember we all have something to be thankful for.

Update from our housing specialist Celia Guerrero:

  • As we get closer to the end of 2021 it is increasingly difficult to locate affordable apartments as pandemic relief funds are running out and landlords are increasing rent and asking for large deposits.
  • UCO assisted with 11 emergency rental applications and four re-certifications for additional assistance.
  • Assisted client that owes 10 months of rent due to being laid off due to covid.
  • UCO continues to assist clients with Section 8 recertification packages.

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