News from Urban Community Outreach October 31, 2021

News from Urban Community Outreach

By Cherry Bush, Operations Manager
Greetings from the Drop-in Center,

Thank you for the wonderful donations that helped us feed our 674 homeless friends and families struggling to make ends meet.

This month Nurse Ann made her monthly visit to offer our friends basic first aid and vitamins. We were also blessed with hygiene kits, backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents from the Eagle Scouts. Jared the team leader has been working on this project since the beginning of the year. Included in the project was replacing old wheels on the old rusty shelves in our walk-in refrigerator. The Eagle Scouts and some of their leaders (pictured above) scrubbed and removed rust off the shelves Sunday morning and throughout the afternoon. They topped off their hard work with a generous monetary donation to our program.

Update from our Housing Specialist, Celia Guerrero

  • Assisted a disabled client and a laid-off client with direct rental assistance.
  • Assisted four clients with their housing search (two have a Section 8 voucher).
  • Assisted a client with stage 4 cancer to get into hospice.
  • Assisted two senior clients in obtaining Section 8 vouchers.
  • Assisted two homeless seniors in getting accepted into Project Home Key.
  • Continued to assist clients in navigating the application process for federal/state funds for Covid-19-related rental assistance.

Well, let’s get ready for family time, turkey time, and giving time. There is always something we can do for others. We appreciate all of you and look forward to working together as we power through the last few months of 2021.

Please support us by dropping off bottled water, soup, fruit cups, and any canned meat or food you can. Our doors are open every Saturday 10-11:30 AM and you can drop off at the alley door.

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