News from Urban Community Outreach

By Cherry Bush, UCO Director of Operations

Greetings from the Drop-in Center,

Thank you, FCC for the wonderful donations that helped us feed 416 of our unhoused friends and families in September.

Last month the Drop-in Center invited our unhoused friends to come to Patterson Hall to relax, enjoy and take advantage of our volunteer Nurse and Doctor’s services. Many took advantage and were happy to see Nurse Ann and Dr. Sophia, whose last visit was in 2019.

We hope you have had the chance to drop in and see our new tables and chairs and our covid-safe serving tables, and thanks to one of our generous board members, there is even a new TV to watch while you are dining.

We had been closed for inside meal service during the pandemic, and although some of our unhoused friends still prefer taking their food to go, we are noticing old friends that we haven’t seen for over two years and are happy to see us open again.

Last, we are happy to see our volunteers who are slowly coming back after so long.
We continue to receive generous donations of pet food from pet lovers. Thank you for donating all of the wet/dry food and pet toys to our unhoused friends and their furry animals.

Thank you as always to our donors, and remember we are at the Drop-in Center every Saturday 10–11:30 a.m. for drop-off donations. Many of you have asked what we need most. The list is below, but keep in mind we are grateful for any donations.

Bottled water, canned goods (with flip lids) such as meats, tuna, fruits and soups.

Housing Specialist Celia Guerrero continues to assist clients with emergency rental applications, Section 8 vouchers, utility bills, senior housing and working with housing agencies. Celia also receives referrals from Unite Us for assistance with locating resources.

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