News from Urban Community Outreach

Greetings from the Drop-in Center,

Thank you for the wonderful donations that helped us feed almost 600 of our unhoused and less fortunate friends and families in January.

January was a fairly quiet month at the Drop-In Center, giving us all time to take a deep breath after the holidays. Even so, we made sure everyone had a nice warm meal, a snack bag for later, warm blankets, and even a sleeping bag if needed.

This month our friends Kevin and Katrina brought generous hygiene kits to share with our homeless friends and our families. Kevin and Katrina are consistent with their generosity throughout the year and we really appreciate their support.

Our Housing Specialist Celia Guerrero continues to assist clients with housing searches and Section 8 voucher applications, recertification packages, and housing inspections. Celia receives referrals from the Long Beach Multi-Service Center and Unite Us for clients in need of assistance.

Thank you to all of our donors. Your generosity helps us continue to provide services to our homeless friends and our families. We know they appreciate it because they tell us. Stay safe and share a smile. That smile might be the only smile someone may see all day!

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