Music, Song, and Lots of Love

Sunday, October 1, Patterson Hall was filled with music, song and lots of love!

Curtis Heard came and brought choir members to sing a song he had written the music for and Ken Roht had written the words. They videoed the choir standing around the room at each table singing their hearts out. The CD will be sold around the world to make money for UCO for one year. We feel so blessed to have the choir and Making Noise joining us in our efforts to bring lives together in harmony and joy. They will be mentoring some of our young people on their journey In the arts too.  Voluteers

It was an unbelievable day as Honda, Molina, and Circle K volunteers all came and joined our efforts!

We had a delicious Mexican meal to serve and Nurse Anne and Dr. Sophia also came and brought volunteers ad gave medical help to clients.

The 4 case managers talked with several clients and their families. We had a pregnant mom and her two sons in crisis. Katie Philipson played with the children while mom and I talked. We had assisted them 2 years ago with an apartment and things have gone well. Then she became pregnant for the third time and now her husband has left her. She is about to give birth and is unable to pay the rent. I talked with our partner Children today and we’ll have childcare while she is incapacitated with the birth and care of new baby. Then she’ll be assisted with job referrals.

We had a disabled man who normally does telemarking by phone to earn additional  money for his rent, but was unable to do that this month as he became ill and had to have a pacemaker put in. We assisted with the rent.

A homeless young woman needed money to pay for a class she is taking to get her GED.

A young family passing through Long Beach on their way to northern CA for a job was given gas money.

It was a full and beautiful day! Thank you Lord!