Mothers’ Day

Sunday May 14 was Mother’s Day. Melody and volunteers made a delicious chicken meal and we placed some bright colored flowers out to make it feel like Mother’s Day.

Katie Phillipson helped the children make Mother’s Day cards and give them out.

We had some families come in for the occasion. It was nice to see how well some of the families we had helped were looking now that they are in apartments.

A disabled gentleman with HIV/AIDS came in as planned and I gave him some money to help with his rent. This month he had been hospitalized and couldn’t do his phone telemarketing while hospitalized so his meager income was compromised. I am trying to find additional assistance for him.

We always have people asking for motel vouchers. But I can’t afford to just give them to everyone. They have to be working with us to better their lives in order to get motel vouchers.

A lady came to me who had lost her identity so I helped her with the paperwork and bus passes to go to DMV and get her identity so we can move forward with additional things to help her. I also told her to call SSI and housing authority to straighten things out so she gets her money from them again. Those were her three assignments for the week.  She is to come back to me next Sunday.

We had a couple who had only been together for one month come in with his 4 year old daughter. They seemed to have some conflicting stories. We tried to help them figure out their differences and everyone agreed we needed to do what is best for the child. We agreed to pray for them this week.

We didn’t have many volunteers because of finals and Mother’s Day, but those who did come were good workers and we got everything done.

We were delighted to see our picture and article about our “Bright Lights and Dark Nights” fundraiser event in the Press Telegram Society Column by Shirley Wild on Sunday. That was a bright spot for us.

Have a meaningful week! Try writing a heartfelt letter once a week to someone. It could be a simple way to brighten someone’s day, change some things for the better, or keep little nagging things from taking over your life.

With joy and love,