Memorial Day Picnic

May 28, 2017, was a sunny Memorial Day where we served a big crowd of 248 people a delicious picnic of Bar-B-Q chicken, potato salad, vegetable salad, fruit and yogurt salad, breads and dessert. Patterson Hall was all dressed up with flags for the occasion.

“CityHeART” brought clothing plus a teacher and supplies to work with the children and do art projects. We gave away clothing and hygiene items.

Carlos Deborja and his team from “Brand New Day” came and provided insurance education and let them know if they are signed up for Medi-Cal or Medicare they can get free gym access at 24 Hour Fitness. They also gave away free phones.

Does anyone know what happened to our kitchen clock? One of our volunteers purchased that for us a couple years ago. It has disappeared.

We had 30 new guests and a lot of people signed up to speak with case managers. We were busy. I had a young disabled lady who has been homeless 18 months. She shared all her paperwork and I wrote a referral letter for her to be given to the Affordable Rental Housing in Santa Monica, where with a referral letter she may be able to get into housing and get her 18 year old daughter back to live with her. Youth has been staying with a relative in another area to finish high school there.

If anyone needs, or knows of someone who needs, a good security guard or care giver I have a young lady with all the credentials for both professions and who is very reliable. I can highly recommend her. She has just one more day at Lydia House and then she and her son will be homeless. Please help if you can.

We gave a family of 6 people a one night stay at a motel. Also gave a two night stay at a motel for a couple, with one sick party, who have come to CA to get married on the beach as promised before he passes. We hear some sad things. He is to get his money on Tuesday and proceed with their plans. They’ve also been instructed to register at the MSC on Tuesday.

Have a good week!