May 23 Update

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi 

Last Sunday was one of those perfect days in May with gorgeous sunshine and nice temperatures. Our clients enjoyed delicious (and picture-worthy) Turkey cheeseburgers, roasted potatoes, Cucumber Salad and dessert. The week prior our guests enjoyed Chicken a la King.  Mel and Pok work magic in our kitchen. And our clients appreciate it.

We continue to give out generous snack bags that include bread, desserts and salads donated by Trader Joe’s and Ralph’s. We have given out almost 400 bags so far this month. Thank you to our board member Kimel, for joining us and helping make bags this week and who helped shuck corn last week.

Celia and Ann have been busy helping clients with rental and utility assistance forms for the Long Beach city rental assistance programs. We are working against the June 30th deadline for the eviction moratorium.

Celia has been busy helping several seniors get into housing after having been homeless for months and is also doing annual housing reviews for our housed clients who have vouchers as there is paperwork that has to be completed for each client annually. As always, our Celia stays busy helping our clients stay safely housed and happy in their homes.

We continue to give our weekly groceries and are getting more requests from senior neighbors who we are happy to help. If you know someone who needs some help with groceries, please let us know. 

This week we need your help in collecting peach/fruit cups, mac n cheese, tuna, soups, spam or other canned meats (with pop-off lids) and bottled water. Donations may be dropped off at our alley door on Saturday, 10 am to 11 am. UCO staff will set up a table in the doorway at the second alley door and donors are asked to put donations on the table. If you cannot make it in and would like to send a check, you can send it to 241 Cedar Ave, Long Beach CA 90802

As always, thank you for your support. The support you give allows us to do the work we love. We are grateful for you and our UCO community. 

In gratitude.

In gratitude.

Ann Schmidt-Lampe
Executive  Director

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