Make a Difference Day

Sunday, March 26, part of the day I needed to work on the computer on a grant that was due Monday. As I sat in the office looking out onto the busy patio area I realized that sometimes it’s the little things people say or do that shape a life. Sometimes it’s the tone of voice or lack of a smile that nudges people in the wrong direction. Kind gestures can brighten the whole day!

It was “Make a Difference Day”! Volunteers of all ages in brightly colored tee shirts darted about handing out shoes, clothing and socks. Children giggled in delight that they could help and adults directed store activity.

We were lucky as earlier in the day we had received 2 large donations of shoes. One Bethany Firmage brought over from Board Member, Dr. Graves’ podiatry offices. The other donation came from volunteer, Peter Janssens so our shoe store was full!

Lucky we had lots of shoes as we had lots of people. It was the 4th Sunday.

One of our client guests had an 80th birthday. We sang to her, gave her flowers and took her picture. It made the day special for her.

One of our families, who is doing very well now, stopped in to say, ”Hello.”

Another resourceful client guest has been on her phone searching for an apartment/room for two weeks and finally found a newly decorated room. We rejoice with her! An FCC church member helped her move in on Tuesday.

This week we signed up three more client guests to receive Rapid Rehousing funds through PATH. Now we have to actually find apartments…..let us know if you know of any.

I managed to get the big grant in on time to the City for ESG (Emergency Services Grant.) Let’s see what happens with it.

We are taking reservations for our April 22, roaring twenties, “Bright Lights and Dark Nights” Event! This one will be a real winner you won’t want to miss! It also supports our efforts to shape better lives so come and join in the fun! Check it out at or