Lots of help!

We had three volunteer groups on Sunday the 13th of November. They came in shifts and supplied us with great volunteer support all day. Christina Le’s group came early from CSULB and stayed till 11:30am. Alexandra brought a group from Eta Sigma Gamma Health Science Honorary Society and they came and stayed from 10am to 4:30pm. At 2:00pm Erika Azcue brought her ladies reading group and they also stayed till 4:30 to help. Volunteer Coordinator Katie Phillips came and worked with the children. Coordinators, Steve Leary, Frances Dumayag, and Ed Boyle helped direct the volunteers. Kyle ably set up and ran the computer lab and Gary Shelton offered his support.

Regulars like Frank Schmidt, Qua Redditt, Neil Simon, Gayle Taggart, Julie Lie, Megan Marriott, and Sandy Lemus are always a great help! Intern, Stacey Berry, and new hire, Diane Gomez, Housing Case Manager, gave their excellent support.

Operations Manager, Cherry Bush and Chef, Melody Garrett, made an excellent chicken meal incorporating yogurt with sliced bananas instead of a fruit salad this time. Wow! Everyone loved that!

Diane Gomez shadowed me and we worked with client guests. We gave money for a white uniform shirt to one of our ladies who has just been hired by LBUSD. Clothing for a new job to another young lady. Help to pay the phone bill for one of our guests so she can communicate with our community partner PATH that is going to give them rental assistance.

One young man’s birth certificate arrived and now he’ll have it to take to show them at his new job. We gave him $60 for a one month transportation pass till he gets paid.

Another new guest needed some bus passes to go to Torrance about a job there.

A woman needed laundry money to keep her and her children looking and feeling clean.

It was a good day all in all and ran smoothly with each challenge being answered.

May your week go as smoothly with enough help and resources.