Jobs and apartments!

Sunday May 21, 2017 was a good day all in all. We had a good downhome meal of delicious broccoli soup, egg salad, tuna salad, green, and fruit salads, and of course some good looking desserts. I thought that was creative and delicious. The guests did too and several commented that the food is always so good here and that they were grateful.

We’ve been a little concerned because a group of people have been serving big meals every Sunday in Civic Center right outside of Council Chambers at 11am. That’s been going on for about a month and a half just across the street from us. It fills a lot of stomachs and then some don’t feel they need to come in to UCO at 12:30. Our food draws people in and then we work on their challenges so we can help them change their lives.

I got up my courage and went over and talked with them on Sunday. I explained that we should all work together to help the people experiencing homelessness change their lives. If they are just fed and sent away nothing changes in their lives. I am hopeful that they will see the wisdom in that and will come work together. I gave them my contact information.

Best thing that happened was some of our client guests came in with shining faces and good news. One couple found work in Catalina, one lady said my referral has led to her finding a job and an apartment. Another gentleman we’ve worked with a long time has become clean and sober. He is taking bereavement classes to lessen his pain instead of trying to drown them with alcohol and drugs. He now has a truck driving job and an apartment. I was so elated to hear all that good news!

We drove over to a disabled man’s apartment with some money for him to pay his phone bill. We had helped him with some rent money last week. On top of HIV/AIDS, and heart failure he had a recent surgery to put cochlear implants in his ears because a bad virus had destroyed his hearing. He had been working from home doing telemarketing and couldn’t work while he was in the hospital. Now he has the implant and also a device that shows the spoken word on his computer screen. He was hired to work on his phone and computer from home again last week but needed to pay his past due phone bill in order to do that. I was happy to be able to help him with that. He is amazing! He must be good on the phone too. They pay him by the hour and also give him a small bonus for everyone he sells the products to. This is a reminder to me be kind to telemarketers as they need to make a living too.

We also gave out some bus passes, hygiene items, canned goods, and a birthday toy. We are very low on hygiene items. If you have some small hotel size hygiene items we can surely use them as next week, the last Sunday of the month, we usually give out clothing and hygiene items.