Greetings from the Drop-in Center


Thank you, FCC for the wonderful donations that helped us feed 557 of our homeless friends and families this month. Thank you also for the leftover birthday cake last Sunday!

March lived up to its expectations. Spring weather and long days are here. This works better for our homeless friends as the cold, chilly nights go away and it stays lighter longer for their safety. Besides providing a warm meal and housing support, our main concern is always safety for all.

This month we celebrated Pok, one of our staff members who has been accepted into AmeriCorps. We love watching our clients and staff members improve their lives by reaching out for UCO resources, including job skills. Feel free to drop in to our kitchen and say hello to Pok. He has been with us for four years and has not missed one day of work. Pok’s amazing work ethic opened an exciting door for him and he is paying it forward. He will be traveling to build homes in areas of high need.

Thank you as always to our donors and remember we are at the Drop-in Center every Saturday 10-11:30 a.m. for drop-off donations. Many of you have asked what we need most. The list is below but keep in mind we are grateful for any donations.

Bottled water, canned goods (with flip lids) such as meats, tuna, fruits and soups.

Our Housing Specialist, Celia Guerrero, continues to assist clients with housing searches and Section 8 voucher applications, recertification packages and housing inspections. Celia receives referrals from the Long Beach Multi-Service Center and Unite Us for clients in need of assistance.

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