Giving Back

Sunday, June 4, at Urban Community Outreach was full of lots of good food. The people were given the same first meal as had been served at FCC First Café, enchilada pie, green and fruit salads, and desserts.

Nurse Anne came and brought several nursing students with her. They saw quite a few patients. One man was in very bad shape with an infected hand that was swollen up like a balloon. She feared for his life, so she called paramedics and he was taken to the hospital to receive emergency care.

One of our FCC church members, Margaret Jones, came in and brought a whole box of new cute fuzzy teddy bears and some games for older children. A precious little boy got to choose a teddy bear. He just lit up in delight when I told him he could take the bear with him! Thank you, Margaret!

Today was a special day for many reasons, but one very special reason was that a woman who came in to volunteer shared with the other new volunteers during volunteer orientation that she had been homeless. Urban Community Outreach had helped her and she was here to give back. She shared how it could happen to anyone and she was living proof of a mended life because of our work. She looked so happy and everyone enthusiastically clapped when she finished telling about her plight. I think that gave meaning to the young college students who had come to earn some community service hours. It was no longer just a job, it was a gift of love.

One of our clients came in whom I had been waiting to see. I may have an opportunity for housing for this man and I was unable to contact him. So this made me very happy as I was able to talk with him and get a waiver signed by him so I could work on his behalf.

All in all it was a joyous Sunday!