Girl Scout Cookies!

Sunday, March 12 came with an early surprise donation of Girl Scout Cookies from Kirsten Pickus’s daughter, Mattea Fisher.  We had just enough volunteers to get the meals prepared and served. Food Finders had brought lots of food and several people donated hygiene items, toys, and clothing. Outreach worker Diane was able to gather up some pants among it for men in our ENRICH 90 day Bridge program to turn their lives around.  

The young man going for an interview last week didn’t return so I suspect he got the job. We had given him clothing and encouragement for his interview.

Move in day for a mom and her kids made the week special. We brought household items from our storage for them.

We helped an abused young woman and her child move again to a safe hiding place in another city. He found her and gave her a concussion the first time. Second move she had a great job there. However, the company lost their contract and she lost her job. This is the third move. I hope this is the charm for them! They are trying so hard and are beautiful people. Time for a good life. She has an interview this week and a support system in this city. Please pray for them to be able to gain stability and happiness.

A woman we have been trying to help brought another disabled woman to us from her same apartment building that has falling in ceilings and mold. We will try to help her too. She needs the deposit for making a move. She wants to stay in Long Beach because her doctors are here. Looking for an affordable apartment in Long Beach makes it harder as they are practically non- existent.

One of the men we’ve spoken with a few months back came back to thank me for the advice and to ask for prayers and suggestions of what to do next. He has been in Project Achieve for 60 days. Can only stay 90 days. He has a lot of health problems, but is feeling much better being indoors now since he is taking his meds. He was a facilitator at a drug rehab before when he was healthier. He has a lead on a converted motel in LA that is an SRO with a central kitchen. He would really like to be able to get in there and maybe get back to being a facilitator part time.

So many to help! I must remember to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else shall be added unto you.”

With love and joy,