February 28 Update

February ended with a beautiful Sunny Sunday, a delicious spaghetti meal and Starbucks coffee. 

A big thank you to Starbucks and especially Jenny Cornelius, Manager, who made sure our clients had Starbucks Coffee every Sunday in February. This Sunday she was joined by Mike Koachway, Regional Manager (plus two junior assistants), who helped her deliver the hot brews. What a treat for our clients!

Mel continues to create amazing meals for our clients. Mel and Pok are a well-oiled machine who together make 150 meals with relative ease every Sunday.

We are receiving lots of requests for utility help as well as rental assistance. 

This week, we were able to help a young man who lost his job due to COVID. He did a pivot and started taking truck driving classes while working part time. He will finish at the end of this month. UCO was able to help him with rental assistance so that he can start his new career. 

UCO was also able to help a single mom with a 4-year-old who needed help after receiving a 15-day evection notice. Celia has been busy working with referrals from various organizations including the Long Beach Multi-Service Center. We also continue to provide groceries to those who need a little extra help each week. 

Thank you to Zimt Bakery for the delicious loaves of banana bread last week. Our clients loved the treat! Thank you to everyone who dropped off bottled water and items for our snack bags.

This week we need your help in collecting peach/fruit cups, mac n cheese, tuna, soups, Spam or other canned meats (with pop off lids) and bottled water. Donations may be dropped off at our alley door on Saturday, 10 am to 11 am. UCO staff will set up a table in the doorway at the second alley door and donors are asked to put donations on the table. If you cannot make it in and would like to send a check, you can send it to 241 Cedar Ave, Long Beach CA 90802

As always, thank you for your generosity and kindness. We are grateful for your support. 

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions” -Amelia Earhart


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