February 14 Update

February gotten off to a busy start. Nurse Anne joined us for the first Sunday to see patients and share her medical expertise. She was also able to give out hygiene kits and socks from Justin Rudd’s sock drive. 

There are lots of reports this time of year and Ann has been busy doing the follow up reporting to our various grantors as well as fielding calls for a variety of assistance from utilities to internet and mail. 

Mel has been busy cooking up great food and Cherry has been keeping all of us in order. Celia just housed a 72-year-old who had lost her housing, and has also been busy fielding multiple requests for rental assistance. 

Thank you to Zimt Bakery for the wonderful cookies and to all who donated the Valentine’s candy. Our Valentine lunches were extra special.

This week we need your help in collecting peach/fruit cups, mac n cheese, tuna, soups, spam or other canned meats (with pop off lids) and bottled water. Donations may be dropped off at our alley door on Saturday, 10 am to 11 am. UCO staff will set up a table in the doorway at the second alley door and donors are asked to put donations on the table. If you cannot make it in and would like to send a check, you can send it to 241 Cedar Ave, Long Beach CA 90802

As Always, thank you for being a part of the UCO Community!


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