Enchiladas for Everyone!

Sunday, April 2, 2017, was serene and pleasant. Chef Melody and volunteers served enchiladas, beans, salad and desserts to First Congregational members first and then to our guests in need.

I was invited to speak about Urban Community Outreach at the Neighborhood Church in Palos Verde’s services and then attend their patio receptions after each service. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed meeting the people and being with them.  Arlene at Palos Verdes church

Nurse Anna Herzog came and cared for the over 200 client guests on the patio here at FCC. It was a big crowd for a first Sunday. Waters, peanuts, and granola bars were donated and handed out.

One of our clients found an apartment and it is being held with a deposit while we work to get money from Rapid Rehousing for her.

Another client has moved into a room. We are working on getting several other families stabilized. I have a single parent father and his 4 year old son in a motel while we try to work on things for them.

Our 80 year old “birthday lady” we talked about last newsletter has become temporarily housed at Project Achieve. We are glad of that. That gives us 90 days to work together to try to find something permanent for her.

I can’t believe its April already with Easter and our roaring twenties event both just around the corner! Such a busy, but special month! May you enjoy it all to its fullest!