Drop-In Center State of Mind

Urban Community Outreach’s Drop-In-Center is a state of mind as well as a place to come on Sunday where loving, caring individuals great you and you are offered services, resources and a computer lab.

At UCO we work to solve today’s problems and give the children inspiration so they grow and achieve and break out of poverty. We work to uplift Long Beach out of addiction, illness, harsh conditions, and complacency.

We respect all. All are worthy of help. We help others help themselves.

Last week our outreach worker, Diane Gomez, had to even help someone who didn’t know they needed help. It was her first 5150 where a young lady needed to be hospitalized so she wouldn’t harm herself or others. Our great Quality of Life Officers helped her accomplish that.

Sunday we gave out some bus passes so people could get to where they needed to go to improve their lives. Our one young abused lady needed gas for her car so she could job search. Community partner, PATH, has housed a young father with 2 children, but they needed utility money and to pay a past Verizon bill. I took care of both because his job requires he work on line.

Nurse Anna Herzog came and brought several nursing students to assist our clients. One man with a hurting foot was particularly thankful for the care.

We referred a veteran for a refrigerator as his in the apartment stopped working. We continue to collect furniture and household items for our clients we’ve housed. One recently housed family needs a couch, and end tables for living room, plus shelves, working TV, and a dresser. If you know of any to be donated let me know. Just call my cell (562) 714-1155. I have a nice picture of young mom we took to our storage to get dishes, towels, comforters, etc.

We counseled another young woman who had been beaten up by her boyfriend. Trying to get her to care about herself and have some respect for herself. She is working on getting a restraining order and straightening things out for her own safety and the safety of her children.

It was another busy day at UCO.

On the fun side…….. look at our website, www.urbancommunityoutreach.org.  The pictures from the photo booth at “Bright Lights and Dark Nights” are posted there. Just click on the link. We should also be in Shirley Wild’s social column in Press Telegram next Sunday. We are grateful for your support of the fund raiser!

Hugs and happy days till I see you!