Colorful Scarves

Both Patterson Hall and the parameters of the patio under the eaves were full as the drizzle didn’t stop for most of the day. That didn’t stop us from providing free phones, signing folks up for dental care and medical insurance, holding a clothing give away, giving out hygiene items, providing our computer lab and helping build some resumes there.

One lady made and brought to us soft cozy scarfs with all different patterns on them. There were some for the little girls with pink lady bugs on them and action figures for our little boys. Our Volunteer Coordinators loved being able to give those to the children and see their eyes light up. Adults received various plaid pattern scarfs.

Our guests were especially thankful. A small group respectfully waited till I was done interviewing people and then told me how thankful they were for the good food and gifts of support we were g2016-10-30-melody-frances-halloweeniving. Even after 4:00 pm when we had to close our doors a few people stayed out front of the church and worked with the woman assigning free phones. Everyone made extra efforts to brighten the dreary day for our guests.

We have a little 3 year old boy who starts learning in a safe place today at Children Today. His mother had visited there to pick up the forms to fill out after we had referred her last week. She said tears were streaming down her face when she saw how beautiful it was and that her son could go there to day care and to learn. You know we just might be teaching a future doctor, business man, or president when they have the right opportunities!  Mom has been hired by LAUSD and now without the little guy with him all day dad can take the resume we built and look for work too.

We have a mom and her 3 children still homeless though she has had First Five Assistance available for months. So far no apartment. Also have another family with a 6 month old baby with commitment of assistance from Rapid Rehousing. No apartment. Not enough affordable apartments to be had in Long Beach! So landlords are very skeptical about taking third party checks thought they will come in regularly.

We have a young mom in her apartment, but she’s been very sick with pneumonia and emotionally drained since she worries about not being able to work and support herself and her child.

Please say some prayers and send your positive thoughts for these discouraged young people who are trying so hard. I’ve brought them along as far as I can except to pray for them to get the apartments and good health they need.

May you have a blessed week.