Colored With Love

Sunday, November 20th was colored with love! Our intern, Stacey Berry, began planning the Christmas festivities for our guest client children.

A group of about 40 bicyclists, Tour de Homeless, visited UCO and came bearing many gifts of canned food, dog food, blankets, clothing, and hygiene items.11-20-bikers-brought-family

Dr. Sophia Momand came and gave her time to see patients.

Our community partners, Vedanta, came and prepared delicious Indian food.

Many students from CSULB AND LBCC came and even a group from Poly High School.

The rain came early and soaked the patio, but we had a fragrant, warm soup and chicken inside. Melody Garrett even made delicious peach cobbler. So it was cozy and happy inside.

We sorted clothing and set up the patio under the overhang and gave away all to great stuff everyone brought to us. People loved the underwear and socks from First Congregational Church!

We spoke with a lot of clients. We put 5 families into a motel, helped one lady with getting her identity card from DMV and gave her a bus pass to get there. She was moved to tears by the love and generosity.

An elderly gentleman talked with me for quite a while and though I didn’t have an apartment for him he still was grateful to just be able to talk about his problems and have a sympathetic ear.

Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Philipson, started a movement to save a family from being evicted when the single mom was laid off. Within 6 hours we had all the $1200 rent money and were able to assist the woman, her children, and elderly mother with rent and avoided them being put out into the street Thanksgiving week! A miracle for sure! What a blessing you are Katie Philipson!

May you have a loving Thanksgiving where family and friends gather and recognize that the gratitude that binds us together also shapes our lives.

I am thankful for you!