College Students Helping Out

This has been a good week except that my phone camera stopped working on Sunday. I take so many great photo’s of our work plus personal photo’s too. Guess it was overworked! Luckily I did get a picture of Nurse Anne and the nurse she brought. Later I asked my husband to take a picture of Dr. Sophia and the HOPE students who had come to us the same day because of the students’ heavy schedule they weren’t able to come later in the month on the custoHOPE studentsmary 3rd Sunday. We had a lot of people asking for assistance from both of them so they had no lack of clients looking for medical care.

We have referred three clients to Long Beach Rescue Mission. Two males and one female. They are grateful to have a bed and are making progress with their life challenges.

Some students from CSULB told me today that they did a fundraiser for UCO and they will be bringing a check to present to us next weekend. Amazing!

This week I found a nice bedroom set, in the nick of time, and we picked up our stored furniture and headed to move in a young mother and her son. The apartment is looking so nice, but she still needs a refrigerator. Another mom needs a stove. If you are aware of any good usable ones let me know.

We helped a veteran get into a sober living facility. He likes being with other people and he knew some of the people who lived there so he was happy. He has been sober since 2012, needs to keep being reminded its one day at a time.

We are looking to hire an outgoing, bilingual person who has social services experience for the fulltime position of Outreach Worker/Housing Case Manager. Please text or call me at (562) 714-1155 to inquire or discuss.

Have a good week and I hope your phone camera keeps working! You don’t know how much you rely on that thing till you don’t have it.