Clothing, Phones, Health Insurance…

It was the last Sunday of the month. We gave out clothing, free phones, and helped them sign up for health insurance. The computer lab was busy and the lines for food and resources were long.
There were art instructors from City HeARTS for the kids to their delight. They enjoyed doing the art projects and made more than one because they had several people they wanted to gift their colorful artwork.

Making art

We had a visit from Ken Roht promoting a new concept they have at “We Make Noise”to help homeless people get support for their artwork done in sound and/or drawings or paintings. Curtis Heard is working with them too and has written a song for them to promote the program.

This week we worked with the police department, Quality of Life Team, talked with people they referred, and started some hopeful things to happen. We gave some funding to two families to transport them to a new town and a support system so they can start a whole new life.

We are still waiting on some final paperwork to make two apartments available for two of our families. I’m praying next week we have some good news on that!