Apartments and Homework Help

Sunday October 15, was a 90 degree October day, but that didn’t deter volunteers coming from all over to help at UCO’s Sunday Drop In Center. We had volunteers from Alpha Gamma Kappa Honors Club at Long Beach City College and Cerritos College, students from Arbor Road Church, CSULB, EKKO Church in Anaheim, and

This week we collected gently used donated furniture and moved a single mom and her son into an apartment on Friday. We have another family waiting for the inspection on their apartment and then we’ll be moving them into an apartment also. We are working very hard to help a pregnant mom from being evicted.

We helped a young woman who had lost her prescription glasses. The glasses have been ordered.

Veteran who received apartment A veteran finally has an apartment set up and we gave him bus fare to go to his new apartment. He was just beaming from ear to ear!

A low income college student was provided a monthly bus pass so he could continue his schooling.

We helped gather supporting documents for a section 8 application for a client. Hopefully she’ll get it and we’ll be able to help her with an apartment soon.

We had some youth come with their father and Katie has offered to help them with their homework weekly. This could definitely change their lives! A recent study released on October 11, “International Day of the Girl” states that for every 1 year of education you can earn 20% more as an adult. Young visitors#internationaldayofthegirl

Have a meaningful week!