Apartments, Bus Passes, and a Model!

Each Sunday is full of its own special happenings. This was no exception.

Sunday, October 8, was a relatively peaceful day with just under 200 people coming for help. A lot of new faces and we had quite a few sign up for talking with our 4 case managers about challenges.

Medlife volunteers came and helped along with people from Meet Up .com and our regulars.

voluteers with dessert

Diane and Ann prepared and printed out lists of apartments for rent including section 8 and senior housing. We are working with 2 families who have everything in line for their apartments. We are waiting for inspection to be done so they can get in. We are storing furniture in Board Member, Dr. Richard Graves’ mother’s garage till we can deliver it to them.

We provided quite a few bus passes for people to go to school, doctor appointments, and job interviews. We referred one of our clients to begin a nursing program. She was elated! She has wanted to be a nurse, but never could figure a way to do it.

We put on our new TV. We need DVD’s to play. Our old-style ones we have won’t work.  So if you have some you’ve seen and are ready to get rid of send them our way.

We had a surprising visit from a famous model. She is 84, but looks beautiful and so much younger! She has amazing stories to tell and when we googled her we saw many pictures of her with celebrities and political people on line.  Ivy Nicholson

Life is so eventful! Enjoy every moment!