Apartment and Bed Found

Sunday, February 11, we found the extraordinary in the ordinary. It was a “usual kind of day” at Urban Community Outreach. Tasty food was prepared to feed the hungry folks. A group of Honors high school students and others came to help. Computer lab was open and tutors came to teach and encourage the children. Three counselors and I were there talking with people and helping them through the process of building a future for themselves. The people were all so grateful for any help we could give to them.

This week we provided an apartment for a man and then by the grace of God a donation came at just the right time. We were able to provide a bed. He was sleeping on a cold tile floor in the apartment. Now a dresser has been offered. God is amazing!

We have another family we helped work through differences and the father has been reunited with them. He has found a better job he started today. They are ready for an apartment too. We filled out the paperwork to get a deposit for them and are helping to find an apartment. It isn’t easy to find landlords willing to accept third party checks. One landlord just accepted a holding fee so it sounds promising! We hope that this is the last week we will be assisting them with motel vouchers and things will come together for them.