Angels from all walks of life!

Sunday, December 11, 2016 was the exemplification of Christmas love and joy!!! It put everyone into a heightened joyous spirit!

Angels from all walks of life came and blessed the day with gifts of clothing, blankets, shoes, and hygiene items. Nurse Ann came and gave her services. Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce and her staff came and prepared 500 envelopes for mailing our UCO Christmas picture greeting card. That’s a big task! It takes a stamp and two labels so that’s 1500 motions!  She said she is a pro since working on the election. I believe it! She is a pro in many loving ways!

Jessie Haase and her team from “I Own It” came with a truck load of clothing, hygiene items, and waters. They sorted and staged the give-away store, helped clerk, and then hauled the remaining items to Long Beach Rescue Mission as we don’t have much storage. They were so exuberant!              2016-12-11-shoe-give

Bethany Firmage came from Board Member, Dr. Graves’ Sol Foot and Ankle Long Beach office with 5 boxes of shoes! They really made a hit with the guests!

We served a warm roasted chicken meal which is always well received. Frank Schmidt from Performance Team and other student volunteers came and helped Melody make that. Guests thanked us for the wonderful food. They said we have, “the best food in town!”

We happily donned Christmas hats and took a picture in front of the beautiful Christmas tree in Patterson Hall. Some of you will be receiving it because of your kind support of our efforts on behalf of the poor and homeless.

We have a possibility of three families getting an apartment before Christmas! That would be my best Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas!