The buzz word for Sunday, November 12, 2017 was “abundance”. We had an abundance of everything and everyone! Many guests came to us. Several of them had gifts for us. A lady living in her car had $3 and she insisted on donating $1 to UCO. She said God wanted her to do that. Another woman insisted on giving a pair of colorful ear-rings to me and told me to put them on right away because they’d make me look young.volunteers organize the office

We had huge steaming pots of fragrant Jambalaya Melody had made. Volunteers were in profusion, even FCC Sunday School Classes of children came to help. Volunteers helped organize our office, prepare and serve food and beverages, and clean up.

Church member Margaret Jones donated a new rotisserie oven to be donated to a client guest and it was scooped up immediately by one we recently housed.

We were told that a veteran we have worked with for about 2 years has finally found an apartment for him and his son. So we’ll help him with some new household items.

Transportation requests were in “abundance” too. We provided a month bus pass for a college student, transportation to an appointment for another, and then established that a young man, not able to make it here, wanted to go back to Atlanta, GA. I spoke with his employer on the phone and the employer said he could have his old job back. Both our client and the employer felt that would be a great idea and they both would benefit. So we purchased a non-refundable one way bus pass to Atlanta, GA.

We provided a week motel stay for a new client whose apartment owner has made everyone leave for renovation. She had just wrecked her car. There had been a mix up at IHHS and she hadn’t received her check. She is a hardworking lady and through no fault of her own she was made to leave her apartment of 13 years. What a nightmare for her. We are glad to help her with the motel, a list of apartments available, and a referral to an agency with deposit money.

Hope you have an “abundance” of good things come your way this week!