A Warm Meal and Blankets

Good morning! I’m writing this the Tuesday after our 1-22-17 Sunday Intake Day at Urban Community Outreach’s Drop-in-Center. My day usually starts with several text messages of encouragement to client guests and some phone calls from them for help. This morning an urgent call came in from a crying woman just before 7am. Someone, or something, had died and no one would help her. She said she’s just roaming around and doesn’t know what to do. I keep trying to call her back. Maybe one of the homeless people’s dog’s died? I hope I can find her and help her.

As for Sunday, the 22nd …..It was wet!!! However, we were here and tried to carry on with business as usual. The city sent out two workers to start the homeless count for Long Beach right here at DIC. We set up tables inside Patterson Hall for them.

We didn’t think many people would come in the terrible storm, but 128 hardy souls did make their way here and we served a warm meal, gave blankets, trash bags to cover them, and a few dry socks we could muster up as they were soaked.

Sunday my husband tried to drive to East LA and deliver a newly housed client and her child along with her household items while her husband went up on the train to meet them. However, the 110 was closed and the 710 was gridlocked by accidents. So he had to bring her to the train station instead and return to DIC with the household items. He was finally able to deliver their things to them on Monday afternoon!

We gave three families help with transportation, and three families help with motel stays on Sunday.

Have a blessed week!