A Patient Landlord

This was the first Sunday of September. Nurse Anne came and brought some helpers. It was a peaceful day.

Students from Neighborhood Church in Palos Verde came down to help prNurse Anne and helpersepare and serve Sloppy Joes, coleslaw, fresh fruit, baked beans, vegetables and desserts.
We helped people with gas for work, transportation to the Multi-Service Center and to our partner Safe Refuge so they could begin the 90 day bridge program of recovery. We also gave a couple motel vouchers for families.

Sunday was our first day having a new MSW intern, Yolanda Gomez, here to work with us from MSC. We also had a visit from Elsa Ramos, MSC Manager to help get things set up. We now can enter our clients on the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) from one computer at First Congregational Church and we are working on a couple more so we can coordinate services for people experiencing homelessness more easily.
Helping to move in
We spent a long time with a homeless family who actually has 2 section 8 vouchers. (Very unusual) Has one about to run out from L A County and one from Orange County. An FCC church member referred them to us. We helped them set goals, make resumes, and find shelter until we can help find an apartment and deposit money through a partner agency.
Labor Day Monday we moved a family into an attractive apartment! The landlord had painted and put in new flooring for them. He has been patiently waiting for all the paperwork to clear. Vinod Dudheker is a very nice man to work with! A patient and kind person can make all the difference in the world!