A Day of Exceptions

Sunday, March 19, was a day of exceptions. I personally didn’t get to be at UCO. I spoke at the National Council of Jewish Women’s, Long Beach all day conference. It went well and I think we’ll get some more help from them. At end of the conference they donated sandwiches, salads, and cookies to us which I quickly packed up and brought back to DIC just in time to be used at the end of the second meal serving.

It was a third Sunday and we had 249 people and only 17 volunteers as many students are on spring break. Patterson Hall was in use so we operated out of Ramsey Dining Hall. All combined it made for a challenging day, but staff did a good job.

Last night I visited the UCC Neighborhood Church in Palos Verde. They had invited me to come and speak to their Board of Christian Action. We were warmly received. I’ll also be speaking briefly from their pulpit on April 2, at both services. They seem to be planning on gifting us some money. We are always struggling for funds so we are grateful they care.

Speaking of raising funds….tickets are available for our roaring twenties spring fundraiser, “Bright Lights and Dark Nights.” When you get a table of 8 together tickets are discounted. You’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll also help us honor our three Quality of Life Officers who work with the homeless and our Nurse Anna Herzog. Hope to see you there! We are still accepting gift cards and items for silent auction set up.

During the week Justin Rudd’s “Giving Project” he funds each spring to help others called upon me.  We set up 2 of our families to receive help and they met with them and bought them food and diapers. Our families were very grateful!

So an eventful week has gone by and it is spring already!

Happy spring! My you enjoy a personal rebirth as you experience the abundance of flowers and baby birds being born in new nests.