Flowers and Songs

Sunday was pleasant in Pilgrim Hall. Trader Joes had included flowers in the Food Finders delivery and The Long Beach Community Chamber Singing Group came and sang for us some upbeat songs.


We handed out hygiene items. A client shared a new sketch for one of his beautiful string art projects he has started.

We had fewer than normal guests as the Grand Prix was going on.

We had just the right amount of volunteer help. Students are back in school and we had volunteers from Poly High, CSULB, Circle K Club, and PETRA.

We were happy because one of our vulnerable clients received section 8 and a landlord say he will accept it. We helped her with rental assistance till paperwork can go through.

We managed to do some spring cleaning. Harvey helped me scrub, really hard, our sign for out front and it came out looking much better. We worked on our display board in Patterson Hall and freshened it up.

We have another family with puzzle pieces coming together to make a whole picture of a happy family! PATH Rapid Rehousing is going to help with deposit and rent for them. They have found an apartment and the landlord said he’ll accept third party checks. Two family members have been hired for additional part time jobs and the teenage daughter is going to Long Beach City College and working part-time. Yeah!!! We are excited to move them in and give them some new housewares soon!

On a sad note, we comforted a bereaved client whose young brother had passed away in the street during the night. They said the paramedics had been called that he felt ill, but didn’t make it soon enough.

Next Sunday is Easter and we’ll look forward to receiving the beautiful colored eggs left over from the FCC Easter doings! The guests prize them! Easter with its renewal and hope is just what this weary world needs!