Winds of Opportunity and Adversity

What’s the meaning of Life? All of us little “ants” running around among the swirling winds of opportunity and adversity. It seemed like Sunday, February 5, could be identified in that way. The week preceding Sunday had been full for me with 2 speaking engagements along with all the usual. Monday, January 30, was Justin Rudd’s amazing Homeless Compassion Town Hall at Bay Shore Congregational with an estimated 600 people in attendance who brought socks and clothing for us. All were trying to figure out homelessness and what we can do about the challenge. The second engagement was on Tuesday night in a small classroom at CSULB where Dr. Jose Luis’ class was wanting to hear about Social Activism. Wednesday was the Long Beach Area Coalition for the Homeless meeting and right after was committee meeting for planning a conference on the topic of homelessness with the City of Long Beach, DLBA and other agencies. It will be held on April 27. Thursday I drove up to LA to attend the planning committee meeting for LA Interfaith Summit to Combat Homelessness in LA County. See what I’m getting at? Everyone seems to be talking about HOMELESSNESS! Everyone wants to know “what is it” and “how do we fix it?”

Actually homelessness is made up of all different people with all different reasons for their condition. Then there are those swirling winds of opportunity and adversity that we try to guide them through. The opportunity of apartments is evasive, to say the least. Not near enough available! But we keep trying with all our might!

We put a frightened newly homeless family with 3 children into a motel. Saved another family from eviction when the wage earner lost their job and didn’t start a new one till Monday. We gave out clothing, shoes and blankets. We bought a TAP transit card so another mom could go to her job. We gave referrals to people about companies hiring. All these “little ant things” that we hope will build up and become a home on “Ant Hill.”

Thank you for the support you give so we can do these things! We welcome every ounce of support available to combat the adversities.

Sunday together we all said “Amen!”