UCO in 2018


Providing respite, nutrition, opportunity and hope to our guests, serving over 17,000 meals and receiving about 8,800 client visits (average of 190 people each week) at our Sunday drop-in community center. Weekly, 30 to 50 volunteers helped repurpose over 5,500 pounds of donated food.

Temporary/Transitional Housing:

Provided 155 transitional/motel nights to 30 families and 13 individuals.

Permanent Housing Assistance:

Helped 28 families and individuals into permanent housing with follow-up services.
Provided rent assistance funds to 13 individuals and families.
Helped 19 families and individuals pay utility and other outstanding bills.

Client Services:

Provided advocacy for clients to ensure access to a variety of services, shelter and housing.
Assisted over 75 individuals to fill out forms to acquire free DMV identity cards, as well birth certificate request forms.
Drove clients to medical appointments, work, transitional shelters, motels, housing-related appointments, and various service providers.  
Provided transportation funds for clients to go to/from medical appointments, work and other places by way of bus tickets/passes 101 times and gasoline 11 times.

On-Site Healthcare Services:

On the first Sunday of each month, a retired professor of Nursing from Cypress College, other volunteer nurses and nursing students provided general consultations, checked blood pressures, treated wounds and other minor ailments, dispensed supplements and over-the-counter remedies, and conducted well-being workshops.
On the third Sunday of each month, a staff doctor from Cal State University, Dominguez Hills and her volunteer HOPE (Homeless Outreach Promoting Empathy) students set up a clinic and provided private medical assessments, as well as appropriate remedies and recommendations for follow-up care.

Computer Lab with IT Specialist:

Every Sunday, our volunteer IT Specialist set up eight work stations and a guest wireless service; oversaw an average of 50 people; and helped with school work, resume building, job applications, mobile devices, family search, and the printing/storing of important documents.

Clothing, groceries, blankets and hygiene items regularly given at the drop-in center. Used furniture and new/used housewares were given to clients who moved into permanent housing.

CONTACT:Julie Lie, Executive Director

241 Cedar Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90802  Office (562) 582-1000 ext. 1 or Cell: (562) 225-6416        www.urbancommunityoutreach.org