UCO in 2017


Provided over 20,000 Hot Nutritious Meals

Temporary housing needs:

  • In 2017 provided 428 Motel Bed Nights for Families;

Permanent Housing Assistance:

  • Placed 13 families in permanent housing with services
  • Assisted 16 families with rental assistance and thus prevented eviction
  • Helped 11 families with utilities
  • Assisted 15 families with all new houseware and gently used furniture

Accessing Services:

  • First UCO often has to assist in proving their identities. UCO has assisted 1 person in receiving a birth certificate, and approximately 32 to get their DMV identity cards
  • Provided transportation assistance 11 times, to individuals and family units sometimes assisting them to go to another state to jobs and/or family support
  • UCO has assisted 4 families in receiving free pre-school, which put 5 children in safe, educational pre-school classrooms and allowed their parents to work.
  • Assisted 3 families in receiving school uniforms and one adult with work uniform

Healthcare Testing and Treatment:

  • On the first Sunday of each month a retired professor of Nursing from Cypress College came and brought nursing students to assist her in checking blood pressure and blood sugar, giving flu shots, and distributing information on available health resources in the community.
  • On the 3rd Sunday of each month a staff doctor for Cal State Dominguez Hills and HOPE students provide wound care, blood pressure medications, onsite non-narcotic pain management, and gives referrals for follow-up care.
  • CABHI Bridge Housing and Treatment of individuals with mental health and addiction issues
  • Hepatitis A Inoculation POD and HIV-AIDS Testing

12 Station Computer Lab and IT Instructor:

Skills taught to 135 and assisted 40 people with school work, resume building, and job search. Computer access given to 50 people a week for employer contact, family search, and the storing of important documents.

Resources such as clothing, food, blankets, hygiene items, and toys given