UCO in 2016


  • In 2016 Urban Community Outreach provided approximately 20,000 hot meals for individuals and family members of all ages and ethnicities who have come to us for help.
  • Provide the weather activated Temporary Shelter for Long Beach
  • Provided healthcare services, also mental health addiction counseling referrals
  • We have assisted 8 people in receiving birth certificates, and 5 to get their DMV identity cards
  • Gave rental assistance 14 times to prevent eviction
  • Provided Motel Voucher for people equaling 607 Bed Nights
  • Gave 5 families utility assistance
  • We have assisted 4 families in receiving free pre-school, which put 7 children in safe, educational pre-school classrooms and allowed their parents to work.
  • Assisted approximately 35 people with resume building and job search
  • Provided 50 people a week with computer lab access
  • Taught computer skills to 135 people
  • Taught Culinary Skills to approximately 20 people
  • Placed 4 families in local permanent housing with services
  • Assisted 6 families with all new houseware and gently used furniture
  • Assisted 8 families in receiving school uniforms
  • Partnering with Antioch University’s Bridge Program to provide up to 15 free transferrable college credits a year
  • Given Greyhound transportation assistance 13 times, to individuals and families assisting them to go to another area to permanent housing and jobs
  • Referred several people for jobs and 4 people got the jobs
  • Donated a TV to an elderly woman
  • Gave funds to do apartment credit checks 7 times
  • Assisted with laundry costs 4 times for families
  • Provided volunteer opportunities for 1,370 unduplicated individuals who gave 16,086 hours of their time to the program

CONTACT: Arlene K. Mercer, Executive Director

241 Cedar Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: Office (562) 582-1000    Cell: (562) 714-1155